My Masi’s marriage 💃

Hi friends, it’s my Masi’s marriage and it’s the first ever marriage in my family I am going to attend. Every person is happy when there is a marriage in their family and the same situation is with me. I am super happy and excited too.

I have done all of my shopping and it was fun doing it. Even my whole family has done a lots and lots of shopping like buying clothes, jewellery, accessories and many more things. The marriage is in India near Nagpur. My Masi’s name is Akshara and the jiju’s name is Rajan.


Exercising Time

Hi Everyone, I am Sahil Lulani and this is my first blog. So let’s start with my family. In my family there are 5 people including myself, my mother, father, younger sister, older brother and me.

Today I am starting exercising in the garden near my house. I love exercising it’s amazing

So the exercises I do are:

1. Bar Hanging

2. Dry Land Swim

3. Pelvic Shift

4. Cobra Stretch

5. Super Cobra Stretch

6. Hopping With One Leg

At last I will recommend everyone to excercise everyday, it’s good for our health too.